March 4, 2024

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The best hot-swappable keyboard in 2024: all the top customizable decks compared

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The best hot-swappable keyboards allow for almost infinite control over how every keypress feels and sounds. Not only that, but we’re seeing more and more mainstream brands dipping their toes in the hot-swappable space these days, which means additional features like super low latencies and additional macro options are entering the fray. There are more hot-swappable keyboards on the market than ever – and some of the previous top names are dropping their prices to compete as well. Whether you’re curious about the flexibility or just looking to liven up your setup with a little extra personalization, there’s plenty to choose from right now. 

Hot-swappable keyboards offer something other decks simply can’t – the ability to customize and re-customize your typing feel time and time again. These decks come with a PCB plate that allows you to swap the switches under each keycap simply by scooping out the old ones and pushing in the new. That means you can change how your deck generally feels and sounds without having to break it apart. We’ve put some top names to the test to find the best models right here, based on performance, build quality, and feature sets. 


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